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The Production Value of the Movi Pro Gimbal

As a society and as a species, we are always in motion. We constantly race from point A to point B; we push technology and innovate exponentially; and we continually strive to improve both ourselves and the world at large. Motion is compelling, and as a result we are compelled to move.

Though this sentiment underscores all of humanity, it’s particularly apparent in video production. In an industry that relies on technology, staying up to speed is paramount. New cameras, camera support gear, and camera rigs drop every month. And not keeping up with the latest trends and capabilities means you’ll be out of business in short order.

No matter what kind of production you’re running, everyone wants to utilize the most cutting-edge and exciting technology. Everyone wants a slick, exciting video that cuts through the clutter. And that is exactly what the Freefly Movi Pro provides.

Freefly Movi Pro Overview

The Freefly Movi Pro is a staple of top-tier video productions worldwide. Utilizing the Movi’s groundbreaking technology allows filmmakers to capture breathtaking tracking shots without blinking an eye. What’s more, the technology specs are nothing to scoff at either.

Specifically, the Freefly Movi Pro is a 3-axis, gyro-stabilized camera gimbal. For those of you who don’t work in video production, that’s industry speak for a really kick-ass way to stabilize your camera and make your shots look amazing. 3 axes of movement, the Freefly Movi Pro allows you to pan, tilt, and rotate your camera. In fact, the Movi Pro’s 180º roll feature lets you go from upright to inverted in nearly no time at all! This affords your shots a crazy range of motion, freeing you up to get crazy creative with your shot variety.

Simply put, the Freefly Movi Pro allows camera operators to move seamlessly and for directors and DPs to get the exact shots they want. It’s an amazing tool that expands the possibilities of filmmaking to the farthest reaches.

Movi Pro’s High Tech Specs

A huge part of what makes the Movi Pro such an amazing tool is the industry-best technology it utilizes. Freely is well known for innovating and pushing the boundaries of camera support systems. And, I must say, they outdid themselves with their latest masterpiece.

First of all, a huge benefit of the Movi is it’s super light weight design carbon fiber design. With a total weight of under 3.5 pounds bare, the Movi Pro is one of the lightest gimbals on the market. Just imagine the benefits of running take after take without extensive breaks. At the very least, the Movi Pro increases run-and-gun efficiency.

Second, the integration of Freefly’s signature Hot Swap Batteries ensures minimal downtime on set. These intelligent little guys power the entire Movi Pro system at different rates. This means that you can keep your rig powered up while swapping out just 1 battery. This elegantly simple powering system streamlines battery swaps and keeps you running for longer.

But that’s not even the full extent of just how great this battery system functions. Not only do your two 25.2 volt batteries power your MoviPro, they also provide juice for the rig’s camera D-tap port, spine d-tap port, tilt d-tap port, and the tilt USB.

Lastly, Freefly had the wherewithal to develop an incredible app to pair with the Movi. The Movi Pro App is an efficient and powerful monitoring solution for your Movi Pro that allows you to customize setting in real time. From configuring alignments, to fine-tuning your range of motion, to optimal camera preview: the app does it all.

Working in concert, all these high tech amount to a singular piece of camera equipment that’s equal parts amazing and efficient.

See the Benefits of the Movi Pro In Action

As great as the Freefly Movi Pro is–and trust me, it is awesome–nothing does it justice quite like seeing it in action. So let me give you a few quick examples that demonstrate the myriad benefits of using a Movi Pro.

1) It shoots in tight, confined spaces

As you can see in the video above, the Movi Pro empowers filmmakers to capture footage just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bustling factory complete with fast moving conveyor belts: the Movi Pro can get in there with ease.

2) It can capture people on the move

This video is an oldie, but a goodie. Shot even before Freefly released the Movi Pro, this short captures the versatility of the Movi gimbal system. These beautifully choreographed tracking shots are made possible by the Movi’s easy-to-use functionality and lightweight design. If you need proof, just watch the long tracking shot that begins around the 0:40 mark. So cool!

3) It’s extremely versatile

This particular video is a favorite of ours. Working in collaboration with our good friends at ECG Productions, we shot this fun spec video for BMW just a few months back. Like the video before it, we captured all of our footage using the Movi Pro. Notice the low angle tracking shots that push forward as the BMW i8 speeds past. These were all made possible by the Movi Pro’s dynamic adaptability, which let us mount it to a Freefly Tero. But that’s for another post…

The point is: if you can dream it, you can do it with the Movi Pro.

4) Most of all: it captures kick-ass footage

Even in a more commercial application like this spot we helped shoot for MoistureShield, the Movi Pro shots look amazing. Whether it’s tracking forward on a dew glistened pier or rolling across a backyard deck, the Movi Pro just makes shots look great.

It’s Time To Get Moving for your Next Shoot

At the end of the day, using the Freefly Movi Pro is just one way of many to create engaging, meaningful content. However, we’d argue that the price and flexibility that the Movi offers is unparalleled. When you have a top notch crew of industry professionals operating the rig–such as all of us here at Lens Head Media–your video will undoubtedly impress.

From in the air, to speeding along the ground, to nimble OTS work, the Movi Pro is built to capture it all. Don’t sell your production short: get moving and add the Movi Pro to your production’s wish list ASAP. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

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