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How Promotional Videos Can Help Grow Your Business

So, you’re an established brand in your community. You are well-liked and respected, you provide great service, but for some reason your business is stagnant. No matter how successful a business can be, sometimes it simply needs a jolt to stimulate some growth. For this zap of energy, look no further than using promotional videos.

Promotional videos are effective for a number of reasons. For starters, over the last decade or so, consumers have become increasingly image-centric. When you have a crazy amount of content to consume, and only a limited amount of time to consume it, anything with a lot of words and not enough pictures becomes boring. Promotional videos do just the opposite: they quickly and effectively capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged with the full gamut of images, color, and sound. When you can keep the audience’s attention, they’re generally way more likely to remember you; and the more likely they are to remember you…well, you get the picture.

Promotional videos have also become increasingly cost-effective, allowing you to galvanize your marketing efforts while also staying affordable. Gone are the days where you had to spend millions of dollars and go sleepless to make a high-quality video. When you have a top-class team like Lens Head Media on your side, you can get an amazing video for a great price. That means more money in your pocket, and more opportunities to market your business down the line.

According to a recent study conducted by Forbes, promotional videos are also integral to driving major sales and marketing objectives for all kinds of business. The study cites some staggering facts about the effectiveness of video promos, such as the fact that emails with videos embedded lead to a 2x larger click-through rate, or that consumers are 5x more likely to click on a blog post with a video attached. All of this may seem like small facts, but compounded on one another, they lead to a direct increase in sales. And when sales are good, business is at its best.

The short of it all is this: promotional videos are a KEY part of any successful plan for business growth. All’s fair in love, and war, and when it comes to bettering your business (or at least that’s how the saying should go). In our uber-competitive society, finding any way to position yourself as the go-to brand or business in your field is a huge win and should be pursued vigorously. You already have that awesome brand that’s so well-liked, so now it’s time to get the maximize your growth by giving consumers a video to fully digest just how great you are. So, with all that in mind, the real question you’re left with is why haven’t you already started planning a video shoot of your next promotional video?

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