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Covering On Set Safety For Film Productions

YFN Lucci & “Bullet” Studio


“It was the shot heard round social media.” Last night, YFN Lucci and the team at Lens Head gathered for a run of the mill video shoot. What they got instead was a valuable lesson in prudence. Read on to learn how a simple accident has earned the company the fitting nickname, “Bullet Studio”.


After releasing his Corona Pack mixtape a few months ago, Lucci was in the market to create more content. This, of course, included seeking out reputable video production services for upcoming releases. Thus, his team reached out to Lens Head Media to execute his latest visual, “Man Down”. Without giving away too many spoilers, it was meant to invoke a “Call of Duty”-like aesthetic. This means that prop, or unloaded weapons were required for certain sequences. Still, it’s likely that no one could have predicted what would happen next.

What happened?

As the now viral footage shows, Lucci was handed a semi-automatic assault rifle. All parties were under the impression that the weapon was not loaded. Still, as common safety practices dictate, Lucci began inspecting it. For a few moments all seemed well… then BANG! Fortunately, the rifle was aimed at the floor upon going off. Though everyone was startled, no one was hurt, and damages were minimal. After taking a moment for everyone to collect themselves, business continued as usual. Filming wrapped with no further complications. All parties echo their excitement at its impending release. Lucci, being ever the stand-up gentleman, offered to pay for the damages. The studio respectfully declined, however, and instead filled the whole with cement. Work has resumed per usual.

The Result

Though the moment has passed, it birthed an unexpected outcome at the hands of the world wide web. Cellphone video capturing the occurrence has garnered global attention upon release. In only a few hours, the video has already commanded a quarter-million views on Worldstar. It’s also making its rounds across countless social media outlets. Like most spectacles online, responses range from relief and well-wishes to pure comedy. The facility’s even gotten calls from hopefuls looking to book “Bullet Studio”. But given the true nature of this moment, and how bad things could have been, are we missing a greater takeaway?

The Reality

The reality of this situation is that things could have been much worse. Look no further than the tragic story of Brandon Lee’s untimely death. The son of icon Bruce Lee, Brandon was well on his way to his own iconography. At the time, he was putting the finishing touches on what would become a career defining role in 1994’s Crow. Brandon was shot and killed after a prop manager accidentally provided a loaded gun for a scene. Though this is an extreme case of what can go wrong, it’s enough to demand the utmost in cautiousness when on a film set.


To be clear, there are no fingers to point in blame here. It was non-malicious, human error that luckily did not lead to any dire outcomes. The studio would also like to be clear that they do not glamorize gun use. They even hesitate to accept this somewhat bizarre title of “Bullet Studio”. Client and staff safety is and will always be their number one priority on set. But if they must wear this designation, then they hope it serves as a cautionary reminder. No matter how tedious it may be, always exercise due diligence before filming. It could very well save someone’s life.

Lens Head Media sends YFN Lucci and his team their warmest regards, and hope to collaborate with them again soon.

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