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What Makes the Best Video Production Companies in Atlanta

Sifting through the video production companies in Atlanta to find the very best may feel like a daunting task. This has become especially true over the last decade as Georgia has risen to the tenth most popular city for the production of films and TV shows. With so many options, it’s hard to know what qualities really make one production company a better choice than another.

Evaluating the quality of production companies in Atlanta is about more than just watching a reel. There are certain questions you should ask about the company itself: What kind of equipment do they offer, what does their studio space look like, how extensive is their variety of services? Answers to these questions in combination with existing work and previous client feedback can help you evaluate where the best production companies are in Atlanta.

Why the Influx of Video Production Companies in Atlanta?

Atlanta has become an attractive hub for all kinds of video production projects — big and small — for a variety of reasons.

  • Location — Atlanta offers a unique environment for video production projects to find just the right setting without the fear of snow or overly harsh conditions. Mountains, lakes, urban, and rural areas are all just a short drive from downtown. Additionally, the international airport here makes it easier for large productions to manage travel logistics for talent, crew, and gear.
  • Tax Credit – Georgia offers one of the most aggressive tax-rebates out of any state with a 30% incentive on productions of $500,000 or more. 20% of that is guaranteed, and the rest is awarded just for adding a Georgia peach logo into the credits. Only three other states offer higher incentives.
  • No-cap to expenditures – this means every dollar spent on production is tax-deductible, a unique feature when compared with other state-run film incentives.
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What Makes a Production Company Stand Out?

Since there is so much lure for video production companies in Atlanta due to location and financial benefits, how can you know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck? The best video production companies will offer the following:

Equipment and Rental Abilities

Finding a production company with an extensive inventory of equipment that’s well-cared for, high-tech, and on the cutting-edge can give your production an extra level of professionalism and quality. This makes it important for production companies in Atlanta to stay on top of relevant industry trends to remain competitive. An easy way to verify this is by reviewing a production company’s website to see what they have available for rent and whether it stacks up.

The more quality equipment a production company has available to you, the less you’ll need to own. Rentals are often much more budget-friendly than buying a piece of video equipment you’ll only use once. Inventory can also translate to a more experienced set of trained operators available to assist with the equipment. These individuals are often very knowledgeable not only about the gear but the overall production process, serving as an extra asset to your project.

Studio options

Most video production companies will promote their studio space. It’s a great feature to have since it allows you to potentially film in the same place as you’re renting equipment, giving you a one-stop-shop experience. What makes a particular production house stand out is how unique their studio space is and what additional amenities are available.

Lens Head Media, for example, has a studio with a unique feature of drive-in access. This allows you to not only bring a vehicle into the studio for your production project but also to wash and detail it before shooting. On-site drainage and a car detail area make this studio unlike any other you’ll find in Atlanta.

Other amenities you’d want to look for in the studio space itself is whether it has green screen capabilities, allows for you to paint the studio to suit your project, and has programmable lighting you can customize. Outside the studio, you want a location that has adequate prep space, such as a dressing area, break room, kitchen, conference space, and production suites.

Service Variety

A typical video production contains so many elements that finding a production company that offers a variety of services can help you simplify your video production project, saving money and making it less stressful to manage. Production companies today that truly stand out offer enough services that enable you to take your project from script to screen with their support. Having one company to partner with through the creative process, from concept to script to storyboarding to production and editing creates a seamless process that allows you to work more efficiently. It’s also a bonus if they offer special effects and animation services as part of their post-production capabilities.

Service variety should also include the ability to handle all types of video production projects. Whether you’re shooting a music video, documentary, commercial, corporate video, or feature-length film, a good production company can accommodate the needs of any size production.

Professionalism of staff

The last key feature a strong production company must have is amazing staff. Not only should they be professional, but need to have the right training and knowledge to show they properly care for and maintain all equipment. Should you hire any production staff to be on your crew, they should exhibit a high level of expertise in operating whatever gear they’re connected to, from cameras to lights to drones. You should also feel confident in the support they provide you with as you pull your rental package together and prep for your shoot.

Don’t be intimidated, shop around

Atlanta is a great city for video production companies. However, knowing what to look for in a video production company can make or break your video project so it’s important to do your research and make sure you find one with the right experience, services, and equipment. They should be able to customize your rental and/or service package and provide you with everything you need to bring your creative vision to life.

If you’re on the lookout for your next video production partner, Lens Head Media fits all the criteria. With an extensive inventory of equipment, two state-of-the-art drive-in studio spaces, production suites, and trained and certified staff, we’re able to personalize service to specifically suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how Lens Head can support your next video production project.

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